Captain Gilmer Christian School believes in maintaining a high standard of academics and strives to have every student reach their personal best. We believe that parents are important team members in achieving academic success.

Achievement Testing
The ACT Aspire Test will be administered each year. Individual scores will be analyzed to determine students’ strength areas and challenging areas. Additionally, group scores will be analyzed to help CGCS track academic progress. CGCS also realizes that achievement testing is only one way to assess student progress. Testing provides only a small window in which to view a child’s progress and success.

Students may receive an incomplete due to illness or excused absence. An incomplete will be changed to the default grade as reported by the teacher unless coursework is satisfactorily finished. Upon return to school, students will be given one school day for every one day of excused absence. Students and parents are to take the initiative in making the arrangements and completing all incomplete work.

Late Work Policy
We want our students to experience success in every way possible here at CGCS. We consider students to be successful academically when they have completed their work well and when it comes in on time. We believe in Mastery Learning and that each child should have the opportunity to correct their work to raise their grades. We also know that it is hard to determine Mastery Learning when the work simply does not get turned in on time or at all. To encourage students to turn in their work on time and in order for the teachers to track this behavior, in grades 1-4, work turned in late will only receive half credit. In preparing students in grades 5-8 for Academy, no credit will be given for late work. Please note this, and encourage your child to complete their work well and on time.

Cumulative records, report cards, and diplomas will be issued only when the student’s account is paid in full.

Grade Reports

Captain Gilmer Christian School utilizes an internet service that allows parents and students to monitor progress in every class on a regular basis. This site is used by administration and teachers to keep the students and parents informed of attendance, assignments, and supplemental materials. For an additional fee, a parent may request at registration to have semester grades mailed to them as well as being posted online. If you need parent portal access instructions, you may pick up a parent portal access sheet at the school office.

Portfolio conferences involving students, parents, and teachers will be held at the end of the first and third nine-week quarters, at which time you will receive your child’s report card. If either parent or teacher deems it necessary, additional parent-teacher conferences may be arranged.

Mid-term progress reports will be available for view by parents online. This is to give some indication as to how your child is progressing. A hard copy is available upon request.

Incompletes received on a progress report or report card are only a temporary grade, indicating that the student has unfinished work yet to do. This grade will be changed when the student has satisfactorily met the work requirement for that period of time. All subject classes that are recorded on our transcript are used when calculating the GPA.

Following is the school-wide grading system:

GradeGPAPercentage GradeDescription
B3.080-89Above Average
D1.060-69Below Average

Unsatisfactory Grades
Students receiving Ds, Fs and/or Incompletes for any grading period may be subject to loss of privileges/trips, academic probation, loss of grade promotion, suspension and/or expulsion. Parents are encouraged to modify their child’s program in a manner that will encourage improved academic performance. Any student receiving two or more Ds or Fs in a given school year may be subject to retention for their current grade and/or promoted on probationary status. If a student fails a required course, effort should be made by parents to remove this deficiency as soon as possible. Deficiencies in course work may be made up by enrolling and passing in an approved correspondence course.

Attendance, Excused and Unexcused Absences

The school day will begin at 8:00 a.m. and will end at 3:00 p.m., unless announced otherwise. The Friday program is from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

All students enrolled at Captain Gilmer Christian School are expected to be punctual and regular in attendance as required by law. CGCS is required to keep records of attendance. Excused absences for medical appointments, illness or injury, quarantine, school suspension, death in the immediate family, court or administrative proceedings, religious observances, educational opportunities (approval and portfolio assignments must be secured in advance from the principal), or functions organized by local Pathfinder clubs are legitimate excuses for absences. All other absences or tardies will be considered unlawful and unexcused. A written explanation from the parent, guardian, and/or physician must be given to the teacher within 24 hours after the child has had a tardy or absence. An absence for which no notification from the parent is received shall be considered as being an unlawful absence.

A student receiving an unexcused absence may not be allowed to make up the school work missed unless proper arrangements have been made. The school strongly discourages taking students out of school for any period of time. Parents of students who are taken out of school need to inform the school office in writing at least two (2) days in advance. Your child’s teacher will then work with you in deciding how the school work missed will be made up. These absences will be considered unexcused unless they meet the reasons as stated above. A student who is absent more than ten (10) school days in one nine-week quarter, for whatever cause, may forfeit that period grade, unless it is evident to the teacher that his/her work has been satisfactorily made up.

Students having seven (7) unexcused absences during a nine-week period will be asked to pay a re-registration fee of $25.00. A $25.00 fee will be charged to those having seven (7) unexcused tardies during a nine-week period. The fee will be paid at the school office prior to entering the classroom. A $25.00 fee will be charged for each additional seven (7) tardies accumulated during a nine-week period. If a child has 21 or more unexcused tardies during a nine-week period, the parent(s) will be required to meet with administration before the student may return to class.

Parents may drop their child off in the mornings between 7:45 and 8:00 a.m. After 8:00 a.m. parents are expected to come into the school office to sign in their children before students may enter the classroom. The school will not be opened after school hours to accommodate those who have forgotten to take home personal belongings. Students arriving at school more than 30 minutes before or remaining on campus after posted school hours will be subject to a $10.00 charge for every half (1/2) hour or partial half-hour that the student is left at school. Parents arriving after dismissal hours will be expected to sign their children out with school personnel.

Graduation Requirements

Graduation activities for the eighth grade are planned and conducted by the administration of CGCS. Students’ participation in graduation activities is a privilege and not a right. The administration of the school reserves the right to deny participation in the graduation activities to any student who does not meet the established criteria for academic and citizenship standards. Students may be kept from public graduation participation for the following reasons: Finances, Scholastic, Behavior.

During the graduation activities, any student who refuses to abide by the specific instructions/guidelines that are given by the class sponsors and/or administration will be denied the privilege of continued participation in the remaining graduation activities.

To have a higher student success rate in secondary education, it is strongly encouraged that the student maintain a mastery level of 80%. The student is eligible for a diploma when they have a 2.00 average for both seventh and eighth grades and have no Fs in core subjects.

Eighth Grade Class Officers
Holding a class office is a privilege and a solemn responsibility. Students may lose their class office standing for the following reasons: Scholastic and/or Behavior.

Eighth Grade Class Trip
All names of students wishing to participate in the eighth-grade class trip must pass an evaluation from the Discipline Committee in the following areas: Scholastic, Behavior, Finances.