Grade Reports

Captain Gilmer Christian School utilizes an internet service,, which allows parents and students to monitor progress in every class on a regular basis.  This site is used by administration and teachers to keep the students and parents informed of attendance, assignments, and supplemental materials.  For an additional fee of $12 per semester, a parent may request at registration to have semester grades mailed to them as well as being posted on Renweb.

Portfolio conferences involving students, parents and teachers will be held at the end of the first and third nine-week quarters, at which time you will receive your child’s report card. If either parent or teacher deems it necessary, additional parent-teacher conferences may be arranged.

Mid-term progress reports will be available for view by parents online.  This is to give some indication as to how your child is progressing. A hard copy is available upon request.

Incompletes received on a progress report or report card are only a temporary grade, indicating that the student has unfinished work yet to do. This grade will be changed when the student has satisfactorily met the work requirement for that period of time.

Following is the school-wide grading system:
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All subject classes that are recorded on our transcript are used when calculating the GPA.