Policies and Procedures

Kindergarten Admission Procedure
  • Kindergarten 4 – Child must be 4 years old by September 1 of the school year applying for.
  • Kindergarten 5 – Child must be 5 years old by September 1 of the school year applying for.
Non-Discrimination Policy

While Captain Gilmer Christian School has been established primarily for the youth of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, any student expressing a desire for a Christian education is welcome, provided he/she shows due respect for the Word of God, maintains a reverent attitude during religious exercises, and observes all school regulations. The school in no way prohibits students because of religion, race, color, or national and ethnic origin.


All students are required by NC state law to show authorized proof (physician’s signature or clinic stamp) of immunizations for MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), polio, DPT (diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus), and other required NC immunizations before they are allowed to attend school. A copy of this must be submitted to the school to be kept on file, including the child’s name and date of birth.

Physical Examinations

A medical examination, signed by a doctor, is required within 30 days of each student entering school for the first time in Kindergarten or First Grade. Forms may be obtained with this link.